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About us

The Department for Theatre Research coordinates the research of theatre, audiovisual art and border phenomena at Theatre Faculty JAMU, maintaining close relations with the faculty staff and students of all levels of study. Within its interdisciplinary research the team of the Department combines methods derived from theatre studies, history, sociology, media analysis and anthropology. It also seeks intersections with the field of artistic research – research through art which links art creation with academic discourse.

It also focuses on more general questions of both the theory and history of art or art pedagogy, on the philosophy of dialogue in relation to theatre, on the political aspects of theatre, as well as on the research of the feedback loop using objectivist methods. It works in partnership with research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Department is an active member of both domestic and international art and scientific communities, it participates in both domestic and international conferences, workshops and research projects.

In cooperation with the academic staff and students of Theatre Faculty it initiates and organizes interdisciplinary encounters of the art and scientific communities – international conferences, symposia, workshops, etc., as well as a variety of research projects.

The Department develops the profile of and, in collaboration with JAMU Publishing Centre, carries out the publishing activity of Theatre Faculty JAMU; in the long term it stimulates the publications of the staff and students of the faculty and participates in the scholarly aspect of the editorial work concerning the publications.

Furthermore, through its educational activity on the bachelor, master, and doctoral level of study, the research team of the Department functions as a medium providing the students of Theatre Faculty with insights into the present state of knowledge about theatre and audiovisual art as well as about the most recent methodological trends.


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